Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year from Moncure, NC!

This will likely be my last post from North Carolina. By next weekend we will be headed south. First stop: somewhere in Georgia.  As of this writing, I haven’t a clue where I don't know smile It makes little difference to me. Just moving south is good Smile

The holidays flew by for us as I’m sure they did for many of you. On Christmas night, the snow that hit the East Coast arrived in NC and by morning, we had 7”. It was spectacular! This was the first snow for this area on Christmas since 1947. Rick and I took a nice long walk the following day. This is what we saw.
IMGP1733 (Small)IMGP1734 (Small)IMGP1736 (Small)IMGP1740 (Small)IMGP1742 (Small)IMGP1743 (Small)IMGP1744 (Small)IMGP1747 (Small)IMGP1748 (Small)IMGP1749 (Small)IMGP1750 (Small)IMGP1751 (Small)If we had to spend the month of December in the cold, this certainly made it worthwhile. Stunning!
Rick finishes up his working career Monday and on Tuesday we fly to South Dakota for our drivers licenses. It is not the January vacation spot of our dreams so we are coming back on Wednesday Party smile South Dakota is a state we’d like to really explore, but not until July or August Smile We’ll go back and will bring our home with us next time.

Until next year, from down the road, have a very Happy New Year!


  1. Gail and Rick, Happy New Year! Congratulations on your upcoming retirement and safe travels to South Dakota! 2011 looks to be very exciting for you two.


  2. It was a beautiful snow but I'm glad it's gone. I think DMV did a good job with the roads this time considering how deep it was.
    Safe travels and yes, 2011 will bring a lot of changes for many of us.

  3. Congratulations on your upcoming retirement ... just a few days left. Looking forward to following along where the road takes you.

  4. Great snow pics!

    South Dakota is a wonderful state to explore - but only in the summertime!!

    Congrats on retirement, enjoy!

  5. I remember driving from Branson, MO to SD to get my drivers license in November 2007. Came back in the snow...LOL!

    If you get to Florida this winter, hope we can meet up!! We'll be in Lakeland in Jan/Feb and Vero Beach in March.

  6. I really enjoy snow- in pictures :)

    Congrats on retirement and a Happy New year!

  7. I agree the photos are beautiful. They remind me why we left Minnesota. We're officially South Dakota residents but we only go there in the summer now. Finally getting old enough to retire didn't make us dumb. :)

    Linda Sand

  8. The pictures of the snow are great-thanks for sharing them.Sorry we missed it....NOT ! :-)) Happy New Year

  9. Congratulations on your retirement!!

    Look forward to following your journey and meeting you two at the Rally.

    Safe Travels and Happy Trails....


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