Monday, November 22, 2010

A Weekend of Learning

The sun was shining when we got up Saturday morning. Rick seemed to think it would be a shame to waste that, so after coffee and a bagel he was out the door with his project list. It’s a good thing we’ll be headed further south in January. He won’t know what to do if he can’t be outside doing something. First on his list was more roof work.IMGP1675 While up there doing his leak repair a couple weeks ago, he determined that the running lights (the 5 lights that go across the roof at the front of the coach) needed to be opened and resealed. Two of them had burned out bulbs and two of them had water inside. That’s not good. They had previously been sealed to death with silicone, so removing them was not quite as simple as one might think. Once the amber lenses were off, I got the job of removing as much silicone from them as possible. He headed to the auto parts store for bulbs. Easier said than done. The number on the bulbs we had apparently no longer exist. There wasn’t even a reference to it in their book. He called me to check online and see if there was a new compatible bulb available. It’s rare that I get no results from a Google search, but this was one of those times. The guy at the auto parts store told him to bring the bulb in and they’d try to match it that way. Long story, short, he came home, got the bulb and me and headed back. I just came along for the ride SmileHe ended up with bulbs a little lesser wattage but they fit and no danger of overheating. We stopped at Lowe’s for new grommets and washers as long as we were there and then, the main reason I rode along, lunch @ Diana’s Tex Mex SmileIt was pretty good but I’ve had better. I can’t complain though. I didn’t have to cook Smile Back home, he had the bulbs installed, lenses re-installed and everything sealed in short order. Of course, by that time, it was almost 4:00! It’ll be dark soon! Nothing like taking all day to change a light bulb Smile

Sunday dawned as beautiful as Saturday. We spent the entire day day doing little projects-everything from exercising the generator to trying to remove bug ‘stains’ from the front of the coach. The bugs themselves were long gone; only the stains remained. They still remain Sad smile

One thing we’ve noticed is the more we learn, the more we find we need to learn. Sometimes ignorance can be bliss. In this case, not so much. It can get you into real trouble.  Our decision to sit tight and learn what we can for a couple of months was right for us.

We ended the day with a nice grilled steak and some baked potatoes and corn. Even working weekends are good Smile


  1. Never fails, what seems like an easy task takes the longest!

    Travel Safe

  2. Isn't it amazing how many little details there are to managing an RV?! I still am in awe of the way these sytems work so beautifully most of the time. Lightbulbs. Hmmm. Maybe we should stock up before they disappear.

  3. Dee mentioned that they use a dryer sheet to clean the bugs off the front. I don't know how well it'll work on stains already there.


  4. I also remembered Dee saying that so we tried that first. It probably does a great job at removing the bug but it didn't do anything to remove the stain. Looks like, IF it's eaten through the clear coat, it's permanent. We can't tell if that's the case tho, so will keep trying. :)

  5. When you consider how much that would cost paying some RV tech $100 an hour, the lunch and likely dinner was free.

    It pays to do the stuff you can yourself. Of course, it is imperative that you not fall off the roof, or all savings are lost :)

  6. Thank you for your recent comment on "Homer and Lucille." We really enjoy "Gypsy Turtles."

  7. Gail and Rick, You remind me of me and John. He is the project man! He can solve any problem. He is incredible. I get overwhelmed though by his projects so unless he needs some specific help on something, I do something altogether different, like take and edit photographs or read blog posts! Sounds like you guys are having some good eats during project breaks! I like eating out with my project man. He is very good company.

  8. I'm catching up on blogs. Sorry that the dryer sheets didn't work, but if the stains are really deep it may not work. I'm so glad you're learning while your sitting and not having to hunt places to buy stuff on the road.
    Have a great time, won't be long you'll know enough to get you across country and fix stuff along the way.


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