Saturday, November 6, 2010

Oh No! We’ve Sprung a Leak!

Maybe “sprung” is not the proper word for it. Developed might be better but it sure came as a surprise. We’ve been in some downpours since we got our coach and nary a drop of moisture. This morning we woke up to the pitter patter of rain drops on the roof. Not a big surprise. What was a big surprise was the water running around the door frame of the coach! WTH???


Well, I’ve been married to Rick for 25 years and I know that this is not something he can put off. The sun was NOT going to set without him finding out where that water was coming from!  First he removed the trim around the door.


Then, with handy flashlight in tow, he checked to see where the water is coming in.


Once that is determined, he must climb up high with the hose to try to recreate the mystery! The raindrops on the photo are only because he was the only one of us that wanted to go outside in the rain Smile I took this picture through the window Smile


After much ado, with him outside and me inside watching the leak, we finally ‘thought’ we’d found the origin. Up on the roof he climbed to pinpoint the exact spot. Once he got there, there was nothing to see! Ok, more testing. I sent up a tall glass of water and he proceeded to pour while I watched inside. Finally, there it was…the horn! Huh? Well, a seam right by the horn Smile


Now that the point of origin has been identified, all we have to do is wait for the sun to come out and dry everything before making the repair. That will, hopefully, be tomorrow. Ahhh, the joys of home (on wheels) ownership! BUT, no grass to mow! Smile


  1. That's what I call determination. That's good, less damage. I'm so glad you found it. Congrats.

  2. Those leaks can be really hard to find. Had one once where the water traveled almost 10 feet before it came inside.

    Like your blog.


  3. Good investigative work. I doubt I would have been that fast to find the problem.

  4. Gail, You have a fellow like my John. No problem can go unsolved beyond the day that it is discovered. (We're lucky aren't we?) Where are you in North Carolina? I was born and raised in North Carolina. Now John and I are campground hosting in Central Coast California. Feel free to check out my two blogs when you have a few extra minutes. Take care and thanks for posting.

  5. No grass to mow goes far IMO :)
    I can just see Rick "investigating" until he got to the bottom of it!!


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