Friday, November 5, 2010

Can You Help?

A very big thank you for the kind comments and messages I've received on the blog. Until very recently, only my family knew about this blog. Word certainly spreads in the RVing world! Our friends, Jim and Dee mentioned it in their blog post yesterday and several people clicked on the link. I don't post daily and never will, but when I do, I will do my best to make it something interesting :) The pressure is on!

Now, does anyone have the secret to getting red wine out of the carpet? I'm open to any and all ideas.

We were relaxing with a glass of wine last evening when I upended my glass and sent it flying across the floor. I'm still not sure how I did it, but it did involve getting out of my chair and things getting tangled. Rick says I just have too much stuff around me. I contend that they are all absolutely necessary items :) And just for clarification purposes, it was only my second glass, that I, unfortunately, had just poured. Naturally. If it had been empty, it would never have happened. Anyhow, we blotted it up, used a citrus based cleaner on it (that works wonderfully on other carpet spots) and then poured salt over it to absorb overnight. I read that somewhere but had never tried it. Never needed to try it :) So, this morning, there is still a light stain remaining. It's much better than it was but still quite noticeable. I might try Oxi-Clean on it next. The plan was to replace this carpeting sometime in the future...just not the immediate future!

Oh well. It could have been worse. It could have been the whole bottle! At least I got one glass :)

*Edit* Thank you all for your suggestions. In the end, I tried my mother's suggestion (you have to try your mother's suggestion first, right?) and it took it right out :)  For future reference, in case anyone needs this, take a little Dawn dishwashing detergent and add some peroxide. Check for color fastness in an inconspicuous spot first and then just dab, brush or wipe it on. It came right out with little or no effort! Can also be used on clothing stains if colorfast. Thanks Mom!


  1. Try AWESOME you can get it WalMart and Dollar Tree. It works great for taking out all kind of carpet stains for us. Some people also use gingar ale. Pour it over the stain and let it bubble, take a dry towel and dab up. Keep doing that until the stain is gone.

    Hope that helps

    Travel Safe

  2. I always clean it with a white washcloth, dampened with water. No magic potion; however, it works on most stains.

  3. When my late husband and I had a cleaning business, we swore by Simple Green mixed 50-50 for bad stains. I'd try a 25% Simple Green to 75% water first, use on a small area to be sure of carpet color.

    Spray on but don't saturate. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes then use a stiff brush until the stain is gone. Use a clean cloth to mop up any residue.

    With the 50-50 mix we cleaned out red Kool-aid and old Coke/coffee stains which are typically hard to get out.

    I keep a sprayer of the 25/75 mix for general household cleaning. Love it! Fresh smelling and biodegradable.

  4. Apparently white wine will remove red wine stains. I have never tried it myself but have heard aboutit from many sources...might be worth a try if you have some!

  5. The last time I did that I used awesome from Dollar Tree. It's also great for other stains and marks on the floor. Try a little bit somewhere you can't see it, just in case the carpet can't take it.

    Glad you're getting hits on the blog. Congrats.

  6. Get a dog to work on it. Stain may disappear, plus the drunk dog can be the entertainment :) Wish I had real advice for ya!

  7. Resolve spot remover. Works great on merlot stains !

    Good luck !


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