Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Beautiful Day in North Carolina

When we woke up this morning, everything was covered with a layer of frost.  That didn’t last long :)  The sun was shining and it quickly warmed up. It was an absolutely stunning day! IMGP1673 We had breakfast and left the coach about 10:00. We headed for Durham to meet up with some of our Trikking friends. I dropped Rick off at the meetup site and then headed to the post office to pick up our mail.  I still love to get together with the group even though I am no longer able to trikke. I was lucky to find only one person in line at the post office so was out of there quickly. I made a quick stop at the grocery store and then headed back to our friends so I could get some visiting in :) After catching up with everyone and their news, we joined Mike and Kathy for lunch at Jason’s Deli. IMGP1669 I had never eaten there before but it was so good! I had the Chicago Club and saw several other things on the menu I’d like try. It’s a good thing they have several locations all over the country :) One of the extras is the free ice cream for dessert. They have a soft-serve machine and you can help yourself to either a dish or cone of chocolate or vanilla. It was certainly a nice way to end the meal.IMGP1670 Rick was having fun clowning around once his stomach was full :)

After leaving the restaurant, we stopped at Advance Auto Parts to have my car battery tested. I’ve been having occasional problems with my car not wanting to start. Every once in awhile, I’ll turn the key and it’ll just go “click”. Usually it will then take right off on the 2nd or 3rd try. It happened again this morning but it took several tries before it started. When it decides to start, it turns right over. It didn’t sound like the battery to me but we wanted to start with the easiest (and cheapest) solution and go from there. Well, the battery tested fine. The alternator and starter also tested fine. It’s a mystery. We’re thinking it may be an intermittent starter problem that just didn’t show up when they were testing it. I’m sure we’ll get it diagnosed eventually. I just hope I don’t end up stranded somewhere in the process.

Tomorrow looks like another nice day. We may have to do something else fun :)


  1. Free ice cream is always dangerous :) I hate electrical problems, especially ones that come and go.

    Sounds like maybe a bad spot on the starter. Hope you find it before it refuses to start at an inconvenient place.

  2. North Carolina can be such a beautiful place! My brother, a former fireman, worked and still lives in Durham with his family. I go back there every other year or so to visit family. Glad you had a fun day!

  3. Love love love N&SC...spent a few weeks in myrtle Beach at ocean lakes RV park last winter..then over to visit friends in Shelby..(close to Charlotte) following your blog..and can't wait till we're on the road in 2011...take care and be safe...Elaine

  4. What a gorgeous picture! Best time of year!
    We love Jason's Deli. Thomas and I go there a lot. I love just the salad bar, but also the southwest chicken chili and the California Club. Yum :)


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