Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Weather Radio and Craigslist

It's been a long day today and a tiring one. Part of the reason is our weather radio. In our research, we found that a NOAA weather radio is a highly recommended piece of equipment.

It can be set for the specific area you are in and will alert you to weather issues/dangers so you can take the appropriate precautions. Well, ours kept going off all night. It was never for our area, always an adjoining county. I don't know if we don't have it set right or if it will automatically give you a larger area but we sure didn't get much sleep. In it's defense, it did rain most of the night so I imagine we could have been in the path of some of those storms. Better safe than sorry :)

Once I got myself going this morning, I left about 8:00 and headed to the apartment to meet my first appointment of the day. I had spent all day yesterday taking photos and posting listings on Craigslist. It paid off today big time! I had several appointments set up throughout the day and every single one of them showed up! It was my best Craigslist experience to date. Not only did they all show up, but they bought most of everything I had. There are still a few odds and ends, but nothing major. We will have no problem being out of there completely this weekend.

I got an email from the management office of our apartment complex yesterday afternoon telling me they had been able to re-rent our apartment so we won't have to pay the 2 month penalty. Yay!!! That will buy a bunch of diesel :)

Weather issues look nice and boring this evening so hopefully the radio will allow us to sleep :)

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