Sunday, October 24, 2010

Thank you Mike and Kathy :)

I just had to add an extra note today and thank Mike and Kathy for stopping by. We had a very nice visit and a special thanks to Mike for his help removing the big TV. Because our coach is a 2005, the TV's installed are the big, heavy monstrosities of yesteryear :)  We  are replacing them with our own  flat screen TVs. The bedroom  TV was easy enough to remove because it's small. The larger TV in the front of the coach was up higher and much heavier. It was not something we could do alone. I'm not much help with anything physical lately anyhow, so Mike came to the rescue. He and Rick made short work of it. Now we have a big hole until we mount the replacement but it already looks better than that big old TV did :)

 Thanks guys!

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