Sunday, October 31, 2010

No More Watching TV in the Drivers Seat!

Rick's project #1 this weekend was reworking and replacing the front TV where he and Mike had removed the old decrepit one last weekend. I forgot to take a picture of it before they removed it, but here it is, ready to go to the Hazardous Waste Recycling Center.

This is the ugly empty hole left behind.

This is how we watched TV all week. Just run a longer cord :)

This is what it looks like today. He installed support braces inside the cabinet and installed the TV on an articulating arm so it pulls out, swings right or left and tilts down.

Much better, don't you think? The inside of the cabinet still needs some finish work, but that's minor and won't take long to accomplish. And, because the new TV rests on the outside of the cabinet, there's room to store things in the cabinet behind.

Happy Halloween All!

Next up: Rick's Project #2

Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Good Night's Sleep with Sleep Mate, AKA: White Noise Maker

I slept like a baby last night. First, I fell asleep on the sofa watching TV :) I rarely do's more of a hubby thing :) I had spent a good part of the day shopping (yes, more!) and then cleaning up the apartment so it will be ready to turn the keys in this weekend. By the time I got home, I was pooped. I fixed us some salmon with a pasta/veggie side and then got comfortable for the evening. It wasn't long before I picked myself up and took myself to bed. The previous 2 or 3 nights had been interrupted by the weather radio several times. The weather had changed to boring so that issue no longer existed.
I had purchased this "sound machine" on the recommendation of fellow RVer, Dee. She swore by it and I needed something to help neutralize all the "new sounds". If we were to stay here permanently, I would eventually become accustomed to the different noises. Moving around though, there's new noises everywhere. This does a pretty good job. It doesn't cover all noises, but it masks a lot of them. I slept really good last night. Now, if it would just drown out the weather radio...after we know it's for the next county over :) Reprogramming that radio is my project for today. It appears we do have the 'more specific' type. I guess the programming was operator error :)

Before I get to that project, I've been elected to make a Home Depot run for nuts and bolts to go with Rick's project of the day. More on that later :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How to lock yourself out of your coach in one second and not even know it

Today started out so nice. It was hot and sticky but the weather radio only woke us up once last night :) I was up before 6:00-it's hard to sleep in when you have a hubby still working-and had a leisurely breakfast with my coffee. I organized some more cabinets, made the bed, space bagged some extra pillows, cleaned up, got dressed and generally had a nice morning of me time. After collecting all the trash, I tied the garbage bag, grabbed my keys and headed for the dumpsters. On my way out I hit the 1/2 key on the keyless entry pad on the coach. That automatically locks the coach door and all the "basement" doors.

It's a short walk to the dumpster on the other side of the park. On the way, I met one of our neighbors and her 3 little dogs. We stopped and talked for awhile, then I headed back. I got all the way to the door, with keys in hand, before I realized what I had done. I had taken "my" key ring. On it is my car key, apartment key and mailbox key. That's it. The "other" key ring, the one with ALL the coach keys on it, was sitting in a cup holder right inside the front door.  Ok, what do I do now? Sure, I knew how to lock it up with the keyless entry but do you think I've taken the time to program a code into it so I could unlock it??? Noooo! So what does any level headed person do when faced with a situation such as this? I called my husband at work and said "I locked myself out and I'm not sure what to do about it"!!! I realized the minute it came out of my mouth that I did have options-as I was staring at an open window :) If I had just kept it to myself a little while, no one would have known how stupid I was! After convincing him that he did not have to race 40 miles to come home to save me, at least not yet, I stood under that window trying to figure out how in the heck I was going to get up high enough to even try to fit through it. The most obvious solution would have been the ladder. The ladder that was in the basement storage that was also locked up. The Rubbermaid tub that we store charcoal and barbecue tools in was the only thing out there that would get me off the ground. I emptied it, turned it upside down hoping that it would be sturdier that way and climbed on hoping I wouldn't break my neck...again. Well, I didn't break my neck but I also still  couldn't reach the window. Next I tried a neighbor hoping they had a ladder. Nobody home. Well, I did have my car keys. No purse, no money but if it rained or got any hotter, I could always go to the apartment :) That's when it dawned on me that if I could get the car close enough to the coach, I could climb on it to get to the window. I very carefully maneuvered the car under the window. The last thing I needed was to hit it. I would have just had to keep going :) No way I could have stayed home then. That gave me the height I needed. I climbed up on the trunk and could get my head and shoulders through the window. There was no room for anything else so I grabbed hold of the sofa that was underneath the window (how lucky was that?) and slithered in . The last time I had to do that I was about 11 years old and got locked out of the house while babysitting my twin cousins. I think I was a bit more agile back then :) Needless to say, I found some time to program in a code this afternoon. That's not an episode I'd like to repeat!

We have severe weather and tornado warnings all over the area this evening. Between the TV reports and the weather radio, I doubt we'll miss the warning if anything comes close.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Weather Radio and Craigslist

It's been a long day today and a tiring one. Part of the reason is our weather radio. In our research, we found that a NOAA weather radio is a highly recommended piece of equipment.

It can be set for the specific area you are in and will alert you to weather issues/dangers so you can take the appropriate precautions. Well, ours kept going off all night. It was never for our area, always an adjoining county. I don't know if we don't have it set right or if it will automatically give you a larger area but we sure didn't get much sleep. In it's defense, it did rain most of the night so I imagine we could have been in the path of some of those storms. Better safe than sorry :)

Once I got myself going this morning, I left about 8:00 and headed to the apartment to meet my first appointment of the day. I had spent all day yesterday taking photos and posting listings on Craigslist. It paid off today big time! I had several appointments set up throughout the day and every single one of them showed up! It was my best Craigslist experience to date. Not only did they all show up, but they bought most of everything I had. There are still a few odds and ends, but nothing major. We will have no problem being out of there completely this weekend.

I got an email from the management office of our apartment complex yesterday afternoon telling me they had been able to re-rent our apartment so we won't have to pay the 2 month penalty. Yay!!! That will buy a bunch of diesel :)

Weather issues look nice and boring this evening so hopefully the radio will allow us to sleep :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Thank you Mike and Kathy :)

I just had to add an extra note today and thank Mike and Kathy for stopping by. We had a very nice visit and a special thanks to Mike for his help removing the big TV. Because our coach is a 2005, the TV's installed are the big, heavy monstrosities of yesteryear :)  We  are replacing them with our own  flat screen TVs. The bedroom  TV was easy enough to remove because it's small. The larger TV in the front of the coach was up higher and much heavier. It was not something we could do alone. I'm not much help with anything physical lately anyhow, so Mike came to the rescue. He and Rick made short work of it. Now we have a big hole until we mount the replacement but it already looks better than that big old TV did :)

 Thanks guys!

All Moved In!

Wow! I can't believe it's been a month (almost) since I posted here. We've been busy. First of all, even though we really liked the spot we had at the storage facility, it just wasn't much fun going to visit the Bus :) And visit we did. I was out there probably 3-4 times a week and Rick would stop an additional couple times. Most of the visits were to take things to be put in her for the future but some were just to check on her and make sure she was ok :) 

Secondly, youngest daughter Nicole moved to Italy this month. Her last week here was a bit hectic and I spent most of that week running errands for her. Everything worked out fine and she successfully made it to the airport with plenty of time to spare and is now living in Florence, sharing quarters with several flatmates.
This is Nicole the day she left. I snapped a few photos of her just before we left for the airport.

Once she was squared away, I could turn my attention to finding a place for the Bus to live with us in it! Our area, the Raleigh/Durham Metro area has very little to offer in terms of RV parks. There are 2 State parks (Jordan Lake and Falls Lake) and the NC Fairgrounds but, they all have a 2 week limit. On top of that, the State Fair was about to start so that took care of the fairgrounds. Previous research had shown us that there were 4 campgrounds in the little community of Moncure south of us in Chatham County and about a 40 minute drive from the apartment. I made some phone calls but there were no vacancies. The RV parks in Moncure are fairly close to the Shearon Harris Nuclear Power Plant in NC and supposedly, they were replacing a turbine and workers from all parts of the country came to work on the project. Many bring their home on wheels with them. Hence, no vacancies. But I didn't give up :)  As luck would have it, for us, not the person leaving, we were able to get a spot in the Jordan Dam RV Park starting Sunday, October 10th. The gentleman vacating the spot had recently been diagnosed with cancer and had to leave to begin treatment. It was a lousy way to get a spot but we gratefully took it anyway.

I have spent the last 2 weeks driving back and forth with my car loaded, slowly moving us in. Last weekend we drove out to the Bus on Friday evening and stayed until Sunday evening. We even had visitors. Jim and Dee, RVing friends we met back in 2007, were in town visiting family and having their annual doctor appointments. They will soon have a year under their belts in the full time RVing  world and are loving every single minute. Soon, we'll be out there too :) A BIG thanks to Dee for the new profile picture :)

This weekend, we stayed at the apartment last night (Friday) so Rick could ride the American Tobacco Trail on his Trikke Saturday morning. It was our last night in the apartment. That morning, I loaded all the food out of the refrigerator, packed our toothbrushes and laptops and headed out. By the time Rick arrived after his ride, I had everything put away, had made myself some lunch and was busy paying bills. Ugh! It was a very expensive month but the biggest expenses should be behind us. It's just like building a new house...always something to add :)  Sure was fun buying stuff though!

So, it is now official. We are all moved in. We are fulltime RVers. We still have the apartment until Nov 1st so I'll go back over there during the day this week to clean and sell what's left of our "stuff". There isn't much; a couple bar stools, a couple file cabinets, a couple recliners, a bed etc. I'll be working Craigslist heavily for the next few days. If there is anything left by next weekend, we'll donate it. Here are a few pics of home. The plan is to remove one of the sofas and add 2 recliners but we want to live in it for a few weeks before doing that-just to be sure :)

Today, we are expecting more visitors, our friends Mike and Kathy. They were with us on Ocracoke Island when I took my fall and have been great cheerleaders in my recovery. It should be a fun afternoon.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Hubby! Last Day of Rehab

Happy Birthday Rick! Today marks the day Rick was "supposed" to retire. That date has been extended for another 3 months, but, right on schedule, his first pension check from Time Warner was deposited in our bank account sometime after midnight :)  We'll take advantage of the "double dipping" for the next 3 months before we are old retired people living on a fixed income :)

Today is also my last day of therapy. It's been very productive for me and I want to say thank you to my occupational therapist, Arlie and my physical therapist, Matt. If you are reading this, I hope you know how much I appreciate all your help. I know I wouldn't be where I am today without you two! So a BIG thank you to you both. If I ever do something devastating to my body again, I'll come back looking for you :) Seriously.