Saturday, September 25, 2010

On The Road Towards Home

We stayed busy in Nashville. There were soccer games, dance lessons, Cub Scouts, sleep overs, swimming, shopping, eating and, of course, Wii to play :)  We brought the Wii thinking we'd hook it up to the outside TV for the kids but that never happened.The sun was too bright and hot to use the outside TV so we set it up inside. THAT was a big hit and I do believe the Sharns will have a Wii also very soon.

We left Nashville on Thursday and drove as far as Pigeon Forge TN. We stayed at a nice, cozy (read: tight spaces) little campground called Walden's Creek. Despite being quite tight, it was a very nice place with only about 36 total spaces but nice and clean and friendly. There was a trolley car that came by about every 30 minutes from 8:30 AM until Midnight and for 50 cents you could ride it into town and go shopping or out to eat or Dollywood or any number of other activities they have. This is truly a tourist trap. As we didn't have a car with us this trip (we had rented cars in Little Rock and Nashville) we took full advantage of the trolley yesterday and hit the outlet malls. We weren't looking for anything in particular but I did find an incredible sale at Liz Claiborne! Their stores are all closing and much of their stuff was 70% off plus if you bought 4 or more pieces, you got an additional 20% off. Needless to say, I did find a few things to buy even though I didn't need anything :) We had a late lunch and a beer at KT's bar and grill. The food was very good and very plentiful. Those type of places are responsible for America being fat! It has nothing to do with us not pushing the plate away :) If we had been smart we would have eaten half and taken half home for supper. As it was, we ate it all and skipped supper. Should be just as good, no? :)

This morning we showered, had our coffee and got everything ready to go. We pulled out at 9:40 and are currently on I-40 going up the mountains in TN. We are about 50 miles from Asheville and taking it slow and easy. These mountains can be a little scary driving your house! I hear they are a piece of cake compared to the Rocky's though. We'll be more experienced by the time we cross those.

We'll spend the night at a KOA right off I-40 between Stateville and Winston-Salem. That will make tomorrow an easy day to finish up. After traveling in her for the last 2 weeks, we don't want to put her in storage but looks like that's our only alternative for now. We are looking for a campground  somewhere in the vicinity to park her so we can split our time between her and the apartment.

The scenery on this part of the drive is beautiful as always. Guess I'll stop for now and take it all in.

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  1. I wonder...were any of the trees changing yet? It is so pretty up there!


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