Thursday, September 16, 2010

Have Coach, Will Travel

Wow! the last few days have been somewhat of a blur...time has just flown by.

We took a taxi to the airport at 6:00 AM Saturday to catch a Southwest flight to Little Rock.  This flight took us first to Baltimore to have breakfast, buy a book, use the bathroom, take a walk, eat some more, get something to drink and then, change planes and take off for Little Rock. We arrived there at 12:10 PM already tired but excited. We picked up the rental car and headed in the direction of the hotel. Check-in wasn't until 3:00 so we stopped at the Westend Smokehouse and Tavern for lunch and a beer. I had a chicken sandwich and fries, Rick had a Philly steak sandwich and fries. The food was just ok but very filling so it served it's purpose. Once checked into the hotel, Rick decided to watch TV and nap while I went shopping. Nothin I said or did would detract him from his important mission: not going shopping :)  I didn't want to go either but somebody had to do it. We could only bring so much with us o the plane and that really ended up being a mattress pad, sheet set, 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels, a dish cloth and towel and a couple of basic tools. We needed pillows and cleaning supplies and paper plates, silverware etc, etc. So, off I went. By the time I finished, the trunk was full and I was beat. I went back to the hotel and crashed. We never even bothered with supper and we both slept for about 9 hours that night.

Sunday morning we met Jon (the guy we bought the coach from) and went over all the operating systems and took her out for a test drive. We spent a good 4 hours going over everything to be sure we knew at least the basics. Jon had parked her at Maumelle Park so we'd have a few hours to spend in her after the transaction  Monday morning. We decided to extend that stay for 2 more days to really give us a chance to acquaint ourselves with everything so we stopped by the office on the way out to take care of that. Unfortunately, our site was reserved by someone else those 2 days so we'd have to move if we wanted to stay. We picked out a site just across the road and down 2 spots to move to Monday. These are back in spots so we got to practice backing skills. Ricks in backing, mine in directing :)  We relaxed the rest of the afternoon after stopping at Corky's BBQ for a late lunch/early supper...another joint meal day.

Monday was THE day. Jon picked us up at our hotel at 9:00 and we went to the downtown branch of his bank to take care of our transaction. Because there was a loan on the coach, we had to pay that off first and then only the difference paid to the seller. Once that was done, they notorized all our paperwork for us and we were done. Jon took us back to our hotel where we picked up our car and headed out to the Park. First order of business was to move the coach and move it we did. Rick backed up and I directed him MUCH better than we had done on the test drive. I think there's hope for us yet :)

We got comfortable, unloaded the car, put everything away and ran to Kroger to buy food for a few days. Rick even went with me :) Food is serious business :)
The next 2 days were devoted to getting comfortable. The first night we both tossed and turned a lot. The second night, we both slept like babies :) So much for that!

We pulled out Wednesday morning and headed toward Memphis. First a little drama, as we had trouble starting the coach. It appears that something was drawing on the chassis battery while we were parked and it was low. We ended up jumping it off the house batteries using the aux start button. Of course, that was with the help of our neighbor who actually knew what he was doing :)  We drove to Camping World with me following in the rental car. We parked there, turned off the engine and Rick ran the rental back to the airport while I waited in the coach. He took a taxi back. If it didn't start this time, at least we were parked in the parking lot of an RV repair facility! But it did start, so we took off. We arrived at Tom Sawyer RV Park in West Memphis early afternoon. Rick got out his Volt Ohm Meter (one of those basic tools) and started checking things. He did find 2 loose battery cables that he tightened, but we think there's probably more to it than that. We'll have to stay vigilant and keep an eye on those readings. This thing has so many diagnostic panels and instruments you can keep tabs on everything...if you know how to read all this stuff. The coach came with enough paperwork/manuals that they take up one entire cabinet. It'll take 2 years to read them all :) Not that I would, but Rick just might :)

We had a nice quiet evening in West Memphis right on the bank of the Mississippi. No car this time so we couldn't go far.

Thursday morning we packed up and headed toward Nashville. There is horrible road construction going on in Memphis. After crossing the Mississippi  I have come to a whole new appreciation of hubby's driving skills! There was literally inches between us (in a 40' coach) and the concrete barriers. I had to close my eyes! He did great :) Right now we are almost to Nashville. The GPS says we're 20 miles from the Nashville Country RV Park which will be home for the next week. The kids will be joining us there shortly after our arrival. They'll also take us over the rental car place so we can pick up a car for the week.

Well, I guess that's my update for now. I wanted to get some of this down before I forget it. I started this blog to keep everyone updated on our "escapades" but also for me as a chronicle so I can read back later and remember. We all know how lousy my memory is! 

Here comes Nashville and all the traffic.........more later.

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