Sunday, September 26, 2010

Acorns Keep Falling on My Head!

Rain drops too!

We pulled into the KOA between Statesville and Winston-Salem, NC about 2:30 PM yesterday. We had a nice, fairly level gravel pull-through site under a HUGE old oak tree. Great shaded spot although it would have been impossible to get a satellite signal there. We thought that this campground had cable but it didn't so we went without for the night.

We set up and spent a nice relaxing evening just enjoying our last night in our new home on wheels. Today we drive the rest of the way and she goes into storage.

Sometime in the evening, the rain started. At first it sounded so nice and calming; very restful. Then it changed to loud and noisy. Not quite so restful :) Turns out it wasn't the rain making a ruckus, it was the acorns falling from the tree :) This morning, our roof was covered in them! We had a break in the rain so Rick climbed up the ladder to the roof and swept them off our slide toppers (with the only broom we had-a wisk broom!) before we pulled the slides in. They may have just fallen off when we pulled the slides in, but we didn't want to chance having a couple lodge in the mechanism and jamming something. I should have taken a picture of Rick up there! :)

We are now on our way and should arrive at the storage facility in Durham early afternoon. It's been a wonderful 2 weeks and we are certainly much smarter than we were on day one! We have learned so much and, I know, there is much, much more to learn! Can hardly wait! :)

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