Friday, June 4, 2010

What happened to my good intentions?

The last couple of weeks have gone by quickly and my intention of continuing to blog and post when I had an unblocked signal has gone right out the window! I did blog for a couple days but then, nothing. I just didn’t seem to have much to say about life in the “home”.

Don’t get me wrong. The Brian Center is a perfectly lovely place to be if you’re in my shape or worse. They take very good care of you and their OT/PT staff are excellent. I progressed very nicely while I was there. I was highly motivated to improve so I could go home. That happened last Tuesday, June 1st.

The prior week we worked on bending my knee for the first time since the accident. We made it to 54° on Monday, 66° on Tuesday, 76° Wednesday and 83° Thursday. That was the last day we measured, but my therapist was very pleased with that progress.

Last weekend was Memorial weekend so Rick picked me up each day and took me back to the apartment for awhile. I was able to “practice” what it would be like once I got home. We even went to the mall Monday. There was some Haagen Dazs ice cream there that was calling our names :)

Tuesday morning, I was up bright and early, bathed and dressed and packed. Now it was just waiting for all the pieces to be put together. Rick arrived about 10:00 and we were out of there around 11:00. All in all, not too bad.

He delivered me to the apartment and then went to get my Rx filled. Although I had been home the previous 3 days, it felt really weird to be there and not leave :)  We found something in the freezer to reheat for dinner and turned in early hoping for a good nights sleep. (That didn’t happen)

Rick returned to work Wednesday leaving me home alone all day. I did well and enjoyed putzing around my desk again. Rick had saved all the mail etc. that had come in over the past 6 weeks. By days end, I had gone through and organized all of it!

I continued my organization all day Thursday. Then, when Rick came home, we did the Krogering. That went much better than I anticipated. Most people really are quite considerate when you’re there in a wheelchair :)

Today dawned sunny and nice,  but also hot and humid as the day progressed. Our new recliners were delivered today (we had ordered them last weekend while we were out and about). They are comfortable and certainly beat our lawn chairs :)  I also had my first home health visit. That went well. The therapist will be out to see me once a week for the next 4 weeks and then we’ll reassess. I should also be hearing from an OT to determine if I need any help with my daily duties. (I don’t)

Tomorrow is Saturday and I get to try out my brand new shower bench! It will be nice to shower in my own bathroom :) Tomorrow night is Nic’s new play at Manbites Dog. It’s called God’s Ear and I hear rumors that it’s very good :)