Saturday, May 1, 2010

The weekend has arrived

Rick took off early today to go to Target when it first opened hoping to avoid the rush. We needed a few staples like eggs and bread etc. Nicole has been taking care of our main meals by soliciting food from her friends :) She has them cook, picks it up and brings it over, divides and freezes. All we have to do is reheat. I should say, all Rick has to do is reheat :) It has truly been a life saver. I am not fit for anything and Rick has more on his plate than he needs right now. The meal thing is great. Once we run out of those, we may order weekly meals from Foster's Market for awhile until things settle down and I can start contributing again.

I spent a lot of time out of bed this afternoon practicing wheel chair maneuvers and ways to get close to a sink :) I never realized how important that could be...especially with only one arm! But I came up with a couple things to make it easier. I even shaved my legs! Well, sort of. I tried really hard, anyhow :)

This evening we took a drive to Target. It's right down the road from our new apartment. I needed to shop for a pair of large men's elastic waist sports shorts with long legs :) It hard to find big baggy stuff like that in the ladies department and I needed something to wear to Duke on Tuesday. I've been living in t-shirts and boxer shorts but they're too short to wear out without a blanket on my lap and it's supposed to be in the 90's on Tuesday so no blanket for me :) The external fixator on my leg causes all kinds of problems with clothing and none of my regular clothes will fit over it. We found a pair of navy blue long, baggy sports shorts that should work just fine. I won't win any fashion awards but I forgot to enter my name in the competition anyhow :)

Target has a little cafe area where they sell hot dogs, sandwiches, personal pan sized pizzas etc. Before leaving, we had bite to eat so we didn't have to worry about it later.
Rick took his Trikke out for a spin when we got home. It was the first time since my accident and he looked like he really enjoyed it. The sun had gone down and the bugs were out so it wasn't a long ride but he did work up a sweat. That's so good for him! It's also a great de-stresser :)

I think I should sleep well tonight.

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