Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Strange Goings-On in the middle of the night

Full x-rays at 2:30 AM! Boy what a way to wake up. I turned the light off at 11:00 but could not sleep. It was too close to needing my next pain pill dose. I received that at midnight and finally fell asleep about 12:30 AM. At 2:30, the lights came on in my room, the nurse came in and said I had to go down for new x-rays. I was gone an hour, my body moved into positions I did not know it could and by 3:30, I was back, had used the bedside commode, gotten more pain meds and was expected to just go back to sleep. Unfortunately my body was not cooperating. I finally turned the TV on and watched the news coverage of the Oklahoma tornadoes that hit yesterday. Between that and the Gulf oil spill mess, the news is depressing. That worked to put me to sleep, however. I fell deeply asleep again only to be awakened at 4:30 AM by the lab for new blood draws. I need to leave so I can get some rest :)

Later in the morning my dreams came true. The hospital has a little gentleman that comes in 2-3 days a week to do haircuts, shampoos, blow dries etc. I put myself first on his list when he arrived and I am now sporting a nice, short, very manageable fresh new cut. He was a talkative little guy but gave a good cut for a good price. It was mentally refreshing :)

The Brian Center has offered me a bed for rehab. I can't believe how lucky that is as it's located less than a mile from our apartment. Rick can actually walk to see me :) We are now waiting on BC/BS to approve it and negotiate payment with them. Then I'll be moved. It's very exciting! This will be the beginning of the next stage of my life.

Whatever was wrong at Duke yesterday self-corrected today and once again, the staff was wonderful. It's no good trying to analyze what the problem could have been. It's beyond my control anyway. There are many factors that need to come together to make an operation this large work. Yesterday, that didn't happen.

I'm cautiously optimistic I'll get to go to the Brian Center tomorrow. Hopefully all the pieces will fall into place.

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