Saturday, May 15, 2010

No therapy for me today!

Contrary to what I was told, I did not have PT/OT today. There did not seem to be a therapist in the house at all, so I did the exercises I had been taught to do on my own. Rick came to visit in the afternoon after a nice trikke ride in the morning with Big Mike, Bev and Howard on the Raleigh Greenway. Later in the afternoon, he went shopping for me at Target. I was looking for a Ped Egg to get rid of some of my dry skin and a package of Smooth Away to remove hair from my "good" leg. He was not successful in finding either one. Guess I'll have to try eBay :)

Although this is a nice place, it has already become boring in many ways and I feel all I do is eat and sleep. I hope once therapy begins, that feeling will go away. I'm not much of a "sitter" and like to be doing something.

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