Sunday, May 2, 2010

A dry run to Duke

We didn't have much on the agenda today. The only important thing was to make a dry run to Duke to find the clinic for my Tuesday appointment. Rick took off for the ATT shortly after he woke up and got a nice 7 mile ride in before it became too unbearably hot and humid. He worked up quite a sweat and felt good when he got back. Too bad he had forgotten his water bottle! He was in need of some serious hydration. I doubt he'll forget it again.

After giving myself a sponge bath and brushing my teeth, we set out to find the clinic. It was easy enough to find providing it's really the address we need. Nothing was marked with the street #! We'll just leave early enough to detour to another area if necessary Tuesday morning.

As seems to be my MO, the mere fact that we left the apartment and got in the car and drove somewhere tired me out and I promptly took a nice nap when we got home :)

Nicole came by about 4:00 bringing more food :) We supped on fried chicken, mashed sweet potatoes and green beans. I could truly get used to having all meals taken care of for me :)
Nic stayed until it was time for her book club meeting in Raleigh. I helped her run lines for her current play and we just visited. I'm enjoying seeing her more often and I know my current condition is part of that. The other part just might be that we now live more in line with her travels and it's more convenient for her too.

I keep thinking about the house and how lucky we are not to be in it anymore. If we were, we'd both be going crazy trying to keep up with it. Granted, there would be more room, but all that extra work wouldn't make it worth it to me. If this was supposed to happen, it sure did happen conveniently.

I spent the evening watching a little TV and chatting with Sheila on the IM feature of Skype :) That feature is so nice. It's almost like we're in the same room :)

Tomorrow is the last day of waiting before going to see the surgeon. Yeah!

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