Monday, May 10, 2010

Catching Up (May 4- May 10)

On Tues, May 4, I had an appt with Dr Zura at Duke at 11:00 AM. He was not aware I was coming, (one of those special surprises for both of us) but did find my injury remarkable. He scheduled me for surgery the next day, Wed, and sent us to preop for the workup. What an afternoon that was! Wait, wait and wait. We finally got home about 6:00 PM. I had a bowl of oatmeal for supper. It was the only thing that sounded good to me. Guess it was that comfort food idea. No food or drink was allowed after midnight so whatever I chose had to last me.

On Wed, we arrived at Duke at 6:30 AM and things progressed nicely until about 8:30 AM when the head surgery nurse announced all surgeries were postponned due to a stronge chemical smell coming from the OR area. Oh no! I was hoping this wouldn't go on all day. Environmental and Chemical Engineering were on the case. The cause of the odor was discovered and corrected before 9:00 AM so not much of a delay. I was in the OR approximately 3 hours but in recovery for many more hours after that. It was probably 8-ish before I went to the floor.

The day after surgery is mostly a blur. :) I know the docs removed my bandages and checked the incision sites. A new bandage was placed and a locking brace was put over all. The leg is less dangerous than it was with the external fixator but it's still plenty bulky. Rick worked the morning and then spent the afternoon with me.

Rick worked the full day Friday which was nice for him and the first time in 2 weeks. My post op x-rays looked real good. Next step is to find a rehab facility that has an opening where I can spend a few weeks and get myself back together again. Nothing happens on the weekends so guess I'll just be boarding here until Monday when they can start the search.

Sat: Kathy H came for an afternoon visit. She was here most of the afternoon and we had a great time :) It was my first day in a recliner chair. Sure felt good! I stayed in it for 7 hours. Rick went shopping at Walmart for me. He wanted to find some baggy sweats for me to wear to rehab. He only found scrubs, so we'll give that a try.

Sun: Mothers day-Nic gave me a marvelous shampoo and brought me a Gerbera daisy, card and 4 leaf clover from J. She stayed for an hour or so. Rick stayed all afternoon leaving around dinner time. He returned the scrubs to Walmart. They fit fine but are way too tight over the leg brace. I think I'll just go with shorts. I had a rough night pain wise. Lots of throbbing pain and spasms. I'm hoping that it means I'm turning a corner. Sometimes it's worse before the calm.

Monday: Not sure what was happening at Duke today. No one was around. No one from housekeeping to clean the room. No aide to give me water and fresh towels and a clean gown. Nothing. The best I could do was get someone to help me with the bedside commode and bring me pain meds and that took forever. Very poor service today. I guess I've worn out my welcome.

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