Saturday, April 3, 2010

Well, it happened...

Well, it had to happen. Here I was in my secretive innocence thinking no one would ever be the wiser about this blog when my sister said to me “ you should start a blog of your retirement travel adventures”. At which point I had to admit that one already existed :)
So, because she has already read this to date, I feel compelled to also share it with my children and my mother :)

It's been awhile since I've posted and things have progressed nicely. We've sold many of our belongings on Craigslist. After listing many things individually and getting limited results, I moved everything into one room, snapped a few group pics and listed as a moving-must sell listing. That was amazing! Two people single handedly almost cleaned us out! I seriously think they would have bought more if I had had it.

We have also rented a storage unit and a small apartment for the interim. I take a load over there almost every day and unpack it and put it away. It's 683 Sq. Ft. and it's TINY. A motorhome is 400 on a good day. I'm getting to fit a square peg in a round hole.
Our buyers requested a few minor things done and we agreed. On Tuesday, March 30th, the handyman we hired, showed up to start the work. He completed his work on Wednesday. Now the only thing left is to add some insulation to the attic and that is scheduled to be blown in on Monday, April 12th.

In the meantime, I've continued moving things to the apartment. I currently have half a kitchen here and half a kitchen there. Neither one is very functional but they'll have to do for now.
The house is starting to echo back at us when we talk :)

Yesterday, Good Friday, was somewhat eventful. Rick had the day off so we tried to get a few things done. We listed a couple more things on Craigslist in the morning, had brunch and loaded both vehicles to go to the storage unit and unload. All was uneventful until it was time to leave. I somehow ended up with my keys locked in the the ignition with the car running, my purse, cell and laptop all nestled snuggly inside. Geez!
Luckily for me, because we were 25 miles from home, I was able to catch Rick before he drove off. He doesn't carry a key to my car because the plastic part on it is broken and it would fall off his key ring. He had to drive home, get the key and come back. In the meantime, I got comfortable on our inflatable boat. Well, not comfortable, as it was not inflated, but it was something to sit on. And then there was the life jackets that I used as a pillow :)
Long story short, my knight arrived with keys and we both drove off :)

I stopped at the apartment and dropped off a couple things and stopped at the store on the way home. We're leaving for a week on Sunday and needed to purchase somethings to take along.

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