Monday, April 12, 2010

More on the Rally

Wednesday was the official start to the rally. Registration began at noon. We walked over and registered, picked up our name tags, rally t-shirts and goody bag and then came back to the cottage for awhile. We went back there at 2:30 to relieve Ed at the t-shirt table. We worked that until 5:00. All it involves is giving people the t-shirts they ordered and in the correct sizes.

The rally started with a welcome dinner at 6:00 PM followed by an icebreaker. We laughed and laughed some more. The food was very good as was the company.

After helping with the cleanup, we came back to the cottage and watched the American Idol results show. It was an early night for us.

Thursday the seminars started and were very good. They ran the gambit from the "Emotional aspects of full-time rv'ing" to "TV on the road" and "High-speed internet". I attended the entire days worth with Rick only skipping one.

The seminars concluded at 5:00 and the Chili Cook-off dinner started at 6:00. There were something like 16 different chili's to sample with all the fixin's. I only sampled 3 but they were wonderful. I still wonder at the wisdom of putting 100+ people in the same room and giving them all chili with beans :) There did not seem to be an issue however :)

After dinner, we had "Show and Tell" of favorite RV gadgets that people had come across or made to make their lives easier. Some were normal things that people had found new uses for. Others were totally different items and some were quite humorous :)
We called it a night about 9:30 and headed back to the cottage.

Sometime during the night Thursday or Friday morning the rain fell and it washed away some of the pollen. Yeah! I've been suffering with this pollen for a week or two now. It makes my eyes very sore, watery and itchy. I could just claw and scratch them out. Allergy pills help to a point, but it's still there. April will be over soon and then it will be better :)
Friday was more seminars-some we attended; some we did not.
With all the research we've done over the past 4 years, it's hard to actually learn something new but, we've certainly reaffirmed what we did learn.

Friday night was the Potluck dinner. There were so many delicious dishes, it was impossible to choose. Renea and Wayne Joiner of Louisianna brought crawfish etouffe'. It was excellent and we were the happy recipients of their leftovers :) They were in a hotel and couldn't really take care of leftovers in the room. We were in a cottage with a kitchen and happily accepted their offer :) It didn't last long! We ate all of it for lunch on Saturday :)

Saturday was the last full day of the rally. There were seminars in the morning and rig open houses in the afternoon. Several people attending opened their homes to the rest of us so we could see what they looked like, what creature comforts they had added and offered up any information you asked of them. It was very informative and nicer than seeing them at a show or dealer because the owners were there to give you their honest opinions. Salesmen, on the other hand, say they are all wonderful and there is never a problem :)

The day concluded with a catered steak and shrimp dinner along with a Golden Oldies Sock Hop. What fun! We danced the night away :) Well, until 10:00 anyhow :) We are old farts now, you know :)

After a catered breakfast Sunday morning and some parting words from our hosts, Howard and Linda, we went back to the cottage and started packing. Check out time was 11:00. While loading the Jeep, Ed and Diana from Ontario stopped by to say good-bye and give us their email address. They are snowbirds. They spend 6 months in the south and 6 months back in Canada. They still own their home there and find that arrangement works very well for them.

We pulled out of the park about 10:15 and headed home. Traffic was heavy on I-95 as it always is but the trip didn't take any longer than it did to get there-about 3.5 hours.
We hit the house running-the lawn needed a major mow and I had 3 full loads of laundry to do amongst other things. I even packed a couple more boxes to be ready to take to the apartment Monday.

It was a long full day and we slept well :)

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