Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Triangle Orthopedics

Our appt Tuesday was at 10:15 and it was just around the corner from our new apartment. We met with Dr. Richard Bruchs who spent some time with us explaining the break that was of most concern- a tibial plateau fracture and said he wanted a colleague, Dr. Joe Wilson to take it on if he could. Dr Wilson was in surgery but is to call us later today. We were home by 11:45 am so had lunch, took a nap and Rick went into work for a couple hours.

Dr Wilson just called. The doctors at triangle orthopedics said it was a very serious injury and that very few surgeons did this. They recommended I see a doctor at Duke that is one of the best in his field and has done dozens of these. Guess who they recommended? Dr Zura, the doctor I already had an appointment with for next week Tuesday! He did reassure me about the time frame etc. Apparently the external fixator has bought me some additional time and he said Zura has the resources to schedule surgery almost immediately. He said if he were to do it, (and he said he wasn't nearly as experienced) he'd have to schedule it for next week also because he didn't have any room in his schedule until then. Anyhow, i felt much better after talking to him and guess I'll be going to Duke next week :)

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