Monday, April 12, 2010

Repairs are complete

The last of our repairs were done today. The insulation guys showed up about 9:15, ran a very long hose through the front door, up the stairs and into the attic. They sprayed insulation all over the attic floor to bring the depth back to a R-30 rating. Apparently, over the years, with people being up there occasionally and just plain settling, the insulation was not deep enough to pass today's standards. I wish we had known that it should have been deeper all these years. We would have done this earlier and maybe saved some money in utility bills. I always thought our heating and cooling bills were reasonable but apparently, they could have been more so. It turned out to be a very inexpensive repair for the potential future savings. Guess the new owners will benefit :)

Once they were gone-and it took them all of about 30 minutes, I started loading the car with more stuff. I took most of our clothes to the apartment today. We had purged and donated to Goodwill several times over the last few months and everything actually fit in the apartment closet. Yeah! I was a bit afraid as that closet was much smaller than what we're used to.

We used up the last of the charcoal and the last of the real food for supper. Rick grilled hamburgers. Tomorrow, whatever is left in the freezer/fridge goes to the apartment and that's mostly condiments :) We'll be eating pizza for supper the next couple days.

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