Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 2 at Willowtree Resort

We got up around 7:00 and Rick took a ride around the lake while I made the coffee and tried to come to life. We lounged around most of the morning while having breakfast and taking our showers. We took off about 11:00 for N. Myrtle Beach. We figured it would probably be our only day to do some beach time as tomorrow I have an afternoon class on beading and the rally starts on Wednesday. We also needed to find a Walmart or similar store as I forgot to bring a large salad bowl and I had volunteered to make a salad for the pot luck dinner later in the week. Rick also forgot to bring a jacket/sweatshirt or anything long sleeved and the evenings still get too cool to be outside visiting in short sleeves. Those weren't the only things we forgot (senior moments?) but the only 2 that were pressing today.
It was beautiful out as we drove in. We parked in a public access spot and walked the beach for awhile. Then we cut over a block and found a restaurant for lunch-Duffy Street Seafood-which was pricey and just OK. After walking back to the Jeep we looked for a Walmart on the GPS. As luck would have it, we found one with a Dollar Tree in the same parking lot :) The Dollar Tree had exactly what I needed for a salad bowl and even had salad tongs so for a total of $2.16 I was all set for the pot luck...except for salad to put in it! Then off to Walmart. We found their only left over sweatshirt hoodie with a front zipper on a clearance rack. It was the right size, burgundy in color (Rick would have preferred gray) and marked down to $9. What a deal! Even better, when we checked out, it scanned at $5...an even better deal :)
We came back to the cabin and I took a nap before Happy Hour at Howard and Linda's campsite. Howard and Linda are the founders and owners of the RV-Dreams.com website and a wonderful inspiration to many of us. There were several couples already there when we arrived and a good time was had by all.
After happy hour, Rick grilled, we had supper and watched a little TV. The NCAA championship game came on later in the evening. It was a nail biter but, in the end, Duke reigned supreme. I must say, though, that Butler sure gave them a run for their money!

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