Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Crash and Burn

As many of you already know, our nice long relaxing weekend to Ocracoke didn't turn out so well.
Well, life has ceased to be very restful for us all of a sudden. I think you know we went to Ocracoke for long weekend with some friends. Well, we all have Trikkes and took them along and I crashed mine Saturday morning and have been in the hospital ever since! Rick just brought me my laptop so I could communicate again-I just started feeling a bit better today. I broke my left tibia in 4 places essentially shattering it. They did  surgery and placed an external stabilizer on it yesterday and that has really helped with the pain. I'm still on heavy duty drugs but it's better. I also broke my left shoulder so that adds to the problem. Luckily, I didn't break the hip. They can't set the shoulder so that just has to be in a sling and heal. They can't put the leg back together until the swelling goes down so I'm in Limbo a bit. I'm also in Greenville at Pitt County Memorial trying to get back to the Triangle. I was first transported to the Outer Banks Hospital in Nagshead but they are not equiped to do surgeries such as this and had to transfer me to a trauma center. It was either here or Virginia. Duke said they'd take me but it was out of their 4 hour window for ground transit. They won't do air unless it's life or death and the private transport company we found wanted *are you ready for this* $25,000.00 to transport me! So, this is mid-way. I'm hoping  I can get back there for the second surgery and all the follow up rehab. My understanding is that there will be a lot.

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