Friday, March 19, 2010

Craigslist day

Today was Craigslist day! I sold our dressers and mirrors and lamps, the living room lamps, the bonus room cabinets, the steamer trunk and 2 rattan side chairs. Yay! A bigger Yay is that everyone that said they were coming actually came!

The consignment shop will take the dining room set, a large painting and the leather chair. They'll also take the kitchen table if the buyers don't want it. I'll have them come pick that stuff up next week.

Rick went to Swansboro for a trikking weekend with the group and a pig-out oyster fest :)  He really needed a weekend to de-stress and I hope the weather holds for him. He'll be able to do several rides and attend the oyster roast.

The buyers got in touch this afternoon with their list of things they wanted pricing for. I hope we can come to a mutual agreement on all the things. It will save us much work and them, much money.

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