Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bye Bye Treadmill, Bye Bye Bow Flex

In our effort to downsize and get rid of "stuff", we've decided to use Craigslist. As a test, I listed 3 cases of shipping labels for free yesterday (Friday) morning...had 11 responses in an hour! They were picked up shortly thereafter. Once that was complete, I listed the Bow flex and the Nordic Track treadmill. The response was amazing. The Bow flex was gone last night and the treadmill today. Both were priced to sell but it was still surprising to get that kind of response. Lesson learned: It's almost a full time job to list and respond and make appointments and show etc. Guess I'll stay busy :)
We leave Thursday early morning for Wisconsin to wish Mom a happy 80th. From there we go to Nashville to meet our new grandchild (who is scheduled to arrive on Friday by induction). I'll stay for a couple weeks and Rick will return home alone. No more sales until later in October once we're both back home.
They say ridding yourself of "stuff" is liberating and I totally get it. Just getting rid of the first 2 things is exciting. It makes me want to continue! That will just have to wait for short time :)

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