Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sea Eagle Paddle Ski

After trikking 7 miles on the Ambacco Trail this morning, we took out our new Sea Eagle for it's maiden voyage. Rick loaded everything in the Jeep and we took off for the boat landing around the corner from the house. After unloading, he pumped it up and we carried it down the ramp and put it in the water.

After donning our life vests and taking up the paddles, we set out to conquer Falls Lake. We paddled for about an hour and improved as the time went on. It's going to take some practice to get proficient at this paddling thing...especially the tandem part :)

All in all, it appears that it's going to work for our purposes. We can add a motor at some point if we want.

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  1. That's why river guides call tandem paddling craft "divorce boats". ;)


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