Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Eve Wednesday

This was a hang around the beach and try to get some sun kind of day. We spent the morning on the beach, then walked into town for lunch. We spent some time on 5th Avenue, then came back to the hotel for a siesta before the BIG evening. You see, we were determined to make it through until midnight! We even practiced last night and made it until 11:00! :)

Mexico 084 We had a wonderful dinner! I had garlic grilled shrimp that, I think, may be the best I’ve ever eaten! They were wonderful. Rick had Red Snapper, Vern, a rib eye steak and Sheila had a NY strip.

Mexico 082We left the restaurant around 11:30, full and tired. We thought we’d stop at the Beer Bucket for a night cap and to bring in the new year, but it was so packed we couldn’t get in the door. At that point we decided to just go home; we could hardly stay awake. We started walking toward the resort and the crowd was so thick we could hardly move forward. I glanced at my watch and saw it was only 10 minutes till midnight. We plopped ourselves down on a bench, waited the 10 minutes, kissed at midnight and headed for bed :) We had accomplished our mission.

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