Monday, January 21, 2008

Sports, Cold and MLK

Our 2 favorite teams both lost this weekend. Our UNC Tarheels fell to Maryland 82-80 on Saturday after winning 18 straight. They had been #1 in the country all season so far. I'm sure that will change this week. Yesterday, our Packers fell to the NY Giants 23-20 in the NFC championship game and lost a chance at the Superbowl. Very disappointing on both counts!

Temps are still frigid for this area. We haven't been above freezing since Saturday. It's supposed to get to 39 today but currently is only 28. At least the sun is shining :)

MLK holiday today so going to get some shopping done at Costco and go see a movie.

I'm quite proud of myself for posting so many days in a row. I wonder if I'll keep it up :)
I follow several blogs and only a few can make each entry interesting and worth reading. I'd like to think of this as practice for the "real thing" once we get out there. We shall see :)

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