Thursday, July 26, 2007

Countdown clock observation

I'm amazed at the time that's gone by on the countdown clock. When I first added it, there were 1418 days to go. As of today, there are 1162! On top of that, if the planets all align properly and we hold our mouths just so, there is a possibility we could move that target date up. We now have a "target window" of 3/1/2010 to 10/1/2010. That could subtract up to 183 days :)

Not that we're counting...

Motor home vs. Fifth Wheel vs. Motor home

Well, over the months, we have gone from wanting a motor home to wanting a fifth wheel back to a motor home. What a ride! It did give us so much more to research that we feel quite well versed in the subject by now. A fifth wheel seems so much homier to us. So, we researched and researched and narrowed our choices down to an Elite Suites by Doubletree and a couple others of the same quality. Seemed easy enough. They are gorgeous...even have granite counter tops! Well, when you buy something that solid, they weigh a ton...actually, more like 10 tons loaded. That takes a special truck to haul it. More research. Although some people haul these things with one ton pickups, it's not very safe to do so and they are not rated to do so. The general consensus was either a MDT (medium duty truck) or an HDT (heavy duty truck). In simpler terms, an HDT is basically a semi tractor with some modifications done to it. That was WAY too big for me. A MDT is a smaller version of that with a lot more pulling and stopping power than a pickup truck. That seemed to be the answer. Until the reality of only having that to drive around sightseeing, grocery shopping etc. Gas mileage would be about 10 mpg's and finding a place to park might also be a problem. That, and the fact that these things cost 2 to 3 to 4 times that of an HDT caused us to sit back and re-evaluate. What if we got an HDT and a small other vehicle like the RX-7 convertible that we currently have. We could drive both. Rick could drive the rig and I'd follow in the little car. We had even thought of that scenario with an MDT.

Time out. We were looking to simplify our lives and see this great country. Instead, we were complicating everything! In the end, we decided that if a motor home didn't seem homey to us, it was up to us to change it and make it so. We've spent years doing just that to our home. Why not our home on wheels also?

So, decision made...again. It'll be a motor home with a "toad" in tow. We'll only drive one vehicle as we cross the country but after we're parked, will have the "toad" to tour in.

It's funny how the thought process works. Even though Rick and I look at things in a completely different way as we dissect them, we almost always come to the same conclusion and usually at the same time. Such was the case here. So, as of Sunday, July 22, 2007, it's a motor home.

Stay tuned to see if it sticks :)