Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Therma Care and Original Bed Buddy

If any of you have lower back problems, you know about the Therma Care product. It's a wearable, disposable heating pad that stays hot for 8-12 hours. Actually, I think you get more hours out of it than that. It's a great portable solution but if used daily could be rather pricey. For those times you can be at home and fashion is not an issue, I recommend the "Original Bed Buddy" back wrap. It's a microwaveable heating pad filled with all natural seeds that can be worn and attached with a belt like velcro. It can also be frozen and used as a cold pack. Versatile and reusable...very cost effective. This is not your choice to leave the house, however. it's much too bulky. Therma Care would be my choice in that case. It's very thin and easily worn under clothing.

I've been having lower back problems (again) for the past several months. I blame my weight gain since I quit smoking 3 years ago. I really need to exercise more and get on a healthy eating plan. I think I'd benefit in more ways than one if I would finally make up my mind and do it. The heating pad is just a stop gap before making a more important decision. It's time I got serious...

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