Saturday, November 25, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

We spent the Thanksgiving holiday in Nashville TN with Carrie, Thomas, Lily, Patrick and Maggie. Nicole came with us. What a wonderful time! We cooked and ate and played and ate and visited and get the drift :)

We spent some time talking to Carrie and Thomas about our future plans. They are very supportive and think it's great. They also said they would take the butcher block and Grandma Herrick's cedar chest. I told both girls they could have whatever they wanted from the house before we sold things, so they are starting to "put their names on things". Nic wants the black steamer trunk and the sofa console table.

On Friday, we all went to the Opryland Hotel and Convention Center. It was all decked out for Christmas and half of Nashville was there. It was something to see! The kids loved the water show. They had water spouts that "danced" to Christmas music. Very cool. After that we treated the kids to supper at Mickey Dee's. That was another big hit. We were in bed before 10:00...just plain pooped out...a successful end to a very nice day. Morning was coming soon and it would be time to hit the road.

Once "on the road" we can (hopefully) spend more time in Nashville-or just outside-so we can spend more time with the grandkids. There are several nice state parks in the area.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Countdown clock

Our target date is October 1, 2010. Today I learned how to add a countdown clock to our blog. As cool as this is, knowing that there are 1418 days to go is rather depressing! I know I'll feel differently as that number gets smaller :)

I'm also working on an eBay template to use as a virtual garage sale. I think there may be items around the house that I could begin selling now...avoid the rush at the end :) I know we'll have to have a real sale and possibly list things on Craig's list also. With almost 4 years to go, it's a bit early for that.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

A decision is made

Sometime in the summer, June or July, the decision was made. For such a momentous decision, I have no idea why we can't remember the date! But, it was made and the excitement set in. We were to join the one million plus full-time RVers travelling our beautiful country. In addition, we planned to visit our neighbors to the north and south. So many places to see, so little time :) We both spend hundreds of hours researching everything from the lifestyle to different types of RV's to what to use as a toad or dinghy-the vehicle most RVers pull behind their motor homes. To date, we have settled on a motor home vs. a fifth wheel and we think we'd like to tow a Honda Element-pre 2006 model. The newer Elements are not sanctioned to be towed 4 wheels down and as our research has shown, most people prefer that method. We are also toying with the idea of adding 2 Honda scooters to the mix. Some of their models are small enough to fit in the back of the Element :) That would be the best of both worlds!

We have always wanted to travel when we retired but the reality of maintaining our 3000 sq. ft. home and being able to travel as frequently as we wished seemed to be financially impossible. We then toyed with the idea of downsizing to a smaller house but this still left responsibilities such as lawn mowing, weeding, leaf blowing and general maintenance. It could severely cut into our travel time. That's when the light bulb came on. Let's downsize and take our home with us!
That was the birth of Gypsy Turtles. Clever name, don't you think? I'm particularly proud of that one :)

I will try to post to this blog frequently. There is much to do before we go :)